Carla created MonDay to bring together the mental and physical tools that help us forget time and place, and instead return to who we are, pure awareness.

For Carla Mickelborg, who is the founder of MonDay, there is, for example, great joy in winter bathing, because she forgets her disappointing and worrying thoughts. She just breathes while the endorphins rush through her body.

You may know Carla Mickelborg for her role as Søs in Father of four, where she starred in six feature films from 2006-2012.

After living her dream of being an actress, she realized in a coaching session with her mother that her dream of being an actress had a lot to do with her imagination - and very little with reality to do.

Therefore, she chose another path that was more in line with her core values:




She then trained as a TV & Media organizer at Denmark's Media and Journalism College, in order to learn new tools to convey her own messages. And it was during an internship in LA that her career as an influencer took off. Since then, Carla has been driven to pass on her insights and teach others to choose joy in the present, rather than longing for it in some particular form and idea of ​​the future.

Together with her mother and brother, she established in 2017, which sells moodboard calendars that help people visualize their goals and values, to connect hope for the future and the joy in the present. In the year 2019, Carla published her first book, I love myself which is a combination of a self-help book and an autobiography. In 2021, her second book, What is it that you know? Which is about making peace with her parents, and her relationship with her mother.

After training as a GOALS coach in 2020, she started broadcasting live on your Instagram profile every Monday about self-development. The idea of ​​letting Monday be "my day" and getting the best out of many people's hate day has now become a whole lifestyle concept. Carla herself produces online self-development courses, food recipes, audio meditations, books and physical goods, all of which help to raise the quality of life and maybe even awareness. And if you don't find enough inspiration here, Carlas has also produced five podcasts: MonDay Bliss, Should we be lovers?, Mysteries of Love, More Mullen and What do you know? And As mother says.

D. On 4 May 2022, Carla became a certified Meta mind coach from the Mind Institute. Here she learned to use metacognitive therapy as a health-promoting strategy, and tools that are repeated in many of her audio meditations and online courses.