In 2018, Carla Mickelborg started the concept of making Monday "my day", because the word Monday has a hidden meaning when you translate the French mon into my and day to day. In your live streams on her Instagram profile, Carla gives good advice on how we can make the first day of the week ours, a day we look forward to and look forward to.

Since then, the concept has evolved into a modern lifestyle brand, with things, books, food recipes, live streams, events, audio meditations and podcasts, all of which have the purpose of getting the best out of what we have.

All products from MonDay Bliss are made to increase energy, joy and awareness in our everyday life. Whether it's self-help books or an audio meditation that helps us relax and find focus. Or whether it is a soft dressing gown that warms us after winter bathing.

Actually, it is not the dressing gown, the beautiful gemstones or the scent of essential oils – that make us happy. That's the feeling behind it. The break from our eternal desire for more.

For paradoxically enough, joy is also found when we don't get what we want. Because it's not the things, but being able to turn off the feeling of lack, we basically sigh for.

MonDay is about daring to make room for contemplation, and to see the love, joy and miracles in our lives. Simply because we know to fear, we experience what we fear now.