(Danish) Goodnight Meditation - The Chimney Sweeper

39,00 kr

A sound meditation can help you de-stress, and is good for you who may not have quite cracked the code of meditating without your mind wandering off. In this sound meditation, you let a small chimney sweep help you find peace in your body. He lets you know that right now there is only reason to relax and remember that you are loved.

The idea for this sound meditation came when Carla Mickelborg found that her friend fell asleep immediately every time she started making this relaxation story, where a chimney sweep sweeps the whole body through, so that it is cleansed of the day impression. But because Carla and her friend couldn't sleep together every night, Carla spoke this audio meditation so that her friend could calm down, also in her own bed.

If you either suffer from stress, overwhelming thoughts or perhaps anxiety - then this sound meditation will be good for you. It goes through the whole body and gets every muscle relaxed before the Chimney Sweeper tells you how much you are loved. Listening to this sound meditation is in every way a positive and calming experience. You may find that you don't get to hear it to the end because you always fall asleep when the chimney sweep reaches your head, which is the last stop before the relaxation ends and the positive boosting part begins. But it's just a natural result of becoming thoughtless and relaxed. Your body needs rest, and falls asleep precisely when you allow it. Therefore, it can also be nice to listen to the audio meditation once in a while, when you are not going to bed. But maybe just sitting and relaxing, and would like to take a break. Then you can hear the good words, which can give you an uplifted mood of being just as you should be - and being loved just for that. It is so important that we are reminded of that. Because otherwise, all our time is easily spent having to perform and reach our goals. This audio meditation brings you back to you and reminds you that you are enough.

The audio meditation can be played every day or as needed. But if you have problems falling asleep, it can be a good habit to play it every night. The body quickly forms new habits, and if it remembers that this sound meditation means relaxation, then it will quickly have a greater and faster effect.

When you download your audio meditation to your computer, it will automatically land in "Music" when you open the file. If you create an album in here and call it Sound Meditations, you can drag the file from "Last Added" down into that album.

When you connect your phone to your computer with a cable and synchronize them, the file will also be listenable on the mobile in the Music app.

Otherwise, it is also possible to listen to the file online by opening your audio meditation from the email.


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