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Gratitude diary

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You cannot love what you do not appreciate. And what you don't appreciate, you reject.
Remember the joy, with gratitude.

About this gratitude journal

The book contains blank pages. But every thirty-one days you get a little text to think about in the coming month. The text is written based on the principles of expanding the joy within us by sharing it with others, from the book A Course in Miracles (1976, Helen Schucman). The purpose is to heal the mind by choosing to see with love instead of fear.

Time is unnecessary when we surrender to the infinite. That's why this gratitude journal has no numbers or lines. You can start writing today. Do it again tomorrow. If you forget to write one day, just write as you remember. There are enough pages for a whole year, where you write a page every day.


You can start by writing a gratitude diary like this:

Dear God, the Holy Spirit and this infinite loving Universe of which I am a lucky part. Today I am grateful to be able to sit here in my bed and write a diary in peace. I am grateful for giving myself time to heal my mind, and rejoice in choosing peace over fear.


And then you simply write down what you are happy about. It could be things that happened yesterday or insights I just had.

You can't do it wrong. The criterion for success is wanting to try.

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