(Danish) Let it go

39,00 kr

Listen to this meditation when a thought, memory, or something else that makes you confused and upset pops up in situations where you can't act on them. The thoughts we habitually think about over and over again, we experience and feel in the present, thereby inhibiting our opportunities to experience what is actually happening here and now. Make room for life. Let go of the past.

When you download the file to your computer, it will automatically land in "Music" when you open the file. If you create an album in here, for example, you can call "Audio meditations", you can drag the file from "Recently added" down into that album.

When you connect your phone to your computer with a cable and synchronize them, the file will also be listenable on the mobile in the Music app.

Otherwise, it is also possible to listen to the file online by opening it from the email.

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