MonDay Bliss


99,00 kr

Imagine a life completely without your judgmental thoughts about yourself or others - so you could just enjoy being you.

It is the true freedom that we will come closer to feeling in the next 4 weeks than ever before. In this first week of the course, we must have put into words your vision, you must have found your new mantra, and later we must learn to let go of the past, so that the new fresh and self-loving can take place.

It will be a journey you will never forget, and tools that have also helped me to let go of the need to be my own biggest critic. Give yourself the best gift you can and become your own best friend.


4 videos, one to explain each week's focus

4 major tasks, which are solved every Sunday

24 daily reminders for the rest of the week that guide you to maintain your mission to learn to love yourself

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