MonDay Bliss

Mon·Day Essential oil

149,00 kr

This 100% organic pure essential oil is perfect for making your home smell clean and delicious. The fragrance notes are based on a base of mint and lavender, which in combination has a calming and refreshing effect.

Patchouli, cedar wood and fir give a top to the scent, which makes it special and gives a wow effect when you walk in the door. Really a wonderful fragrance for you who love a pleasant scent of purity.


Mon·Day Essential oil

100% organic essential oils produced in Denmark:
Cedar wood • Pine needle · Lavender
· Patchouli & peppermint

Keep the bottle closed and out of the reach of children.

On the bottle it says to pour 10 drops into the aroma lamp
full with water. But 3 drops is actually enough, as this oil is very runny. Warm it up and enjoy the relaxing and refreshing scent.

Used drop by drop / diluted at the recommended dose and never undiluted on the skin.

Made by Fischer Pure Nature for
GOALS Production ApS
10 ml.

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