MonDay Bliss

RAVE yoga & gratitude workshop 17/3


Come down into the body and feel the gratitude

Come along to a day of pampering with Helen and Carla, who each run their own value-based business. Helen is a yoga teacher, and has made it her mission to bring yoga into everything from workplaces to museums and on city rooftops. She comes inventively from Germany, and through her many travels has learned to add play, aromatherapy and fun to her sessions - so there is room for all levels. With MonDay Bliss, Carla has created a gathering place for her creativity and love to share the tools that can help to let go of the mind and enter the present. 


What can I expect from the day? 

- An inspiring day that helps you surrender to the joy of the present.

- A powerful guided yoga session - that will leave you feeling empowered and completely relaxed.

- A delicious and healthy lunch.

- Presentation by Carla Mickelborg about using gratitude as a transformative tool for increased joy in life.

- Goodie bags with a gratitude diary for everyone + delicious products from our sponsors.

- Questions and answers from the participants during the MonDay gratitude journal workshop.


Schedule 17 March 2024:

09.45 – The doors open

10.00 – 11.30 RAVE yoga 

11.30 - 12.30 lunch

12.30 - 14.00 Workshop & Q&A



The Lab, Vermundsgade 40B, 2100 Copenhagen


There are only 40 places, so it's first come, first serve!

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