MonDay Bliss

Aroma set

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Aroma lamp + 10 ml. Mon·Day Essential Oil 

MonDay Bliss Aroma Lamp

- create calmness and experience the present through your senses

Experience a moment of calm and contemplation with our MonDay Bliss Aroma Lamp. When you light a candle and inhale the soothing scent of the aroma oil, you will be able to forget your thoughts for a while and just experience. This little Mon·Day ritual gives you a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of the moment, and enjoy the sight of the fine little ceramic lamp that casts a beautiful round shadow if it stands against a wall.


Use the aroma lamp to heat up the Mon·Day aromatherapy oil so that the scent spreads slowly and pleasantly in the room. Fill the bowl of the aroma lamp with water and add 3-10 drops of oil. Place a lighted tealight candle under the bowl to spread the fragrance.

*Important: Place the lamp out of the reach of children.

Fill the small tub with vinegar and leave it overnight. The next day, you can easily remove the remains of oil and limescale with dish soap and a sponge.

The aroma lamp is produced in a small ceramics workshop in Portugal, where together we have developed just the right shape and glaze to achieve the rustic look we felt was missing from an aroma lamp -the market. All the lamps are slightly different, as they are handmade and the glaze is organic and reacts differently from time to time when the lamps are produced. 


Mon·Day Essential Oil

- in short, purity and well-being in a bottle, at least the smell of it.

This 100% organic essential oil is produced in Denmark and is created to make your home ooze purity and spa. The fragrance notes are based on a base of mint and lavender, which together are both calming and refreshing.

Patchouli, cedar and fir add a top note that makes the scent special and creates a wow effect when you walk in the door. It really is a wonderful fragrance for those of you who love a pleasant and clean aroma.

Ingredients, all 100% organic essential oils:

- Cedarwood
- Fir needles
- Lavender
- Patchouli
- Peppermint


Features and benefits:

  • Soothing and stress-reducing: Lavender and mint are relaxing and help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Refreshing and uplifting: Peppermint and spruce provide a refreshing sensation that can help improve concentration and increase energy levels.

  • Unique and inviting: Patchouli and cedarwood add a depth to the scent that makes it inviting and creates a sense of coziness and grounding in the home.


To get the most out of your Mon·Day essential oil, pour 3-10 drops into your MonDay aroma lamp filled with water. Light a tealight candle under the bowl and let the heat slowly spread the relaxing and refreshing scent in the room. Note that the bottle says 10 drops, but 3 drops is often enough, as the oil is very runny.

Keep bottle closed and out of reach of children. Use drop by drop/diluted at the recommended dose and never undiluted on the skin.

Product information:
- Made by Fischer Pure Nature for GOALS Production ApS
- 10 ml

Make your home an oasis of purity and well-being with Mon·Day Essential Oil.

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