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What is it you know? + I love myself

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The two books complement each other well, as the first works with self-image, and the next (What is it, you know?) focuses on the outside world, and the self-awareness of being able to forgive one's parents for not being perfect.

I love myself is Carla Mickelborg's first book, full of pictures and tasks for those who want to learn to learn to love yourself and focus on your true goals. It is first and foremost a living autobiography about the highlights of Carla Mickelborg's life, both as an actress and now as an entrepreneur and influencer. But the book is also a tool with self-help sections, so that the reader can learn to manifest his goals and desires – and find out the true and auspicious ones of this kind, not least.

What do you know? shows, through Carla's personal story, a way to make peace with our parents. What began in childhood as a worry about her mother's finances turned into a real responsibility when, as an adult, she became the director of their family company. The book is a showdown with one's own and others' expectations, and the surrender to being oneself, and daring to believe that it is enough. The reader gets concrete suggestions for conflict management and advice for redemption in their relationships.


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