MonDay Bliss

Winter coat Coconut Milk

899,00 kr

"There are two kinds of people: those who love winter swimming and those who haven't tried it yet."

Give yourself a warm cotton hug after a trip in the cold shiver. Feel the satisfaction radiate throughout your body. Take a break from the eternal desire for more. And discover that the Parse was all you really needed. Set yourself free.

WHETHER you bathe in winter or not, you can use the robe to create a focus on enjoyment in the present. It's made from 100% cotton with a hint of Coconutmilk (the name of the color code).
It absorbs every drop of water while you're wrapped in 400gsm terry with a hood, pockets and belt.

It is available in two sizes S/M (length 135 cm.) - L/XL (length 155 cm.).

  • The coat is made of 100% cotton made in Europe 
  • We have not used any chemicals during production
  • Neither the use of pesticides nor toxic fertilizers
  • The production is water-saving


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