Heavy protein granola bars

This recipe is by no means low in calories, on the other hand it is full of both fat and protein, as well as a little oatmeal and contains both sugar and dates. On the other hand, it tastes indisputably good. And when I personally choose to eat something that is beyond my normal food needs, then it just has to be super delicious.

I have put in protein powder, which is based on vegan protein from peas and rice, because honestly, I can think of eating a bar or half a bar like this in the morning, as a kind of breakfast. I'm not saying it's healthy, but yes, some days I just crave something sweet.

You need that to make the amount shown in the pictures:

The dough

  • 250 g. Juicy dates 

  • 50 g. protein powder 

  • 25 g agave syrup

  • 100 g. Coconut oil

  • 100 g. oatmeal 

  • 100 g. almonds 


  • A glass of hazelnut butter, I found it in Food and Wine and Irma

  • 200 g. Dark chocolate

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil



Bake the almonds in the oven at 200 degrees for 7 minutes. approx.

Take them out and chop them semi-fine so that there is still some bite.

Pour the other batter ingredients into a blender or food processor. Pour if necessary a little water if after a few tries it still doesn't really take hold of the mass. But you'd better be patient and take a break to scrape down the sides so it doesn't get too wet. When the dough is sufficiently blended, scoop the almonds into the dough with a spoon.

Spread the dough on a small baking pan with foil on it. Fold the foil over the dough and put it in the freezer for approx. 20 min.


Now take out the dough and spread it with hazelnut butter, you use almost the whole jar for this portion. Put it all back in the freezer for min. 10 min.

Now heat the chocolate with coconut oil, on the second lowest flame, so that it does not burn.

Pour the chocolate onto the frozen cake and put it back in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Cut the cake with a sharp knife, which you dip into boiling water in an oblong measuring cup and wipe dry after each cut. That way you get perfectly sharp edges.

I freeze them as they dry out quickly when you feel like a snack.