For two people

4 dl. almonds that have been soaking in water for min. one night preferably longer
1 clove of garlic
1 small teaspoon cumin
1/2 dl. good olive oil
1/2 dl. water
Juice from an organic lemon and finely grated rind
Flaked salt and pepper to taste

The other ingredients
Wide pasta, mine is from Italy, bought on my friend Victor's Italian uncle's site, Teverina Home.
One red onion
Three plum tomatoes
Field lettuce
Black sesame or nigella seeds (works mostly as garnish)
Two beef sausages from Lumbygaard or another nice place with respect for the animals

Add water to the pasta
Blend all the ingredients for the almond hummus (remember to remove the water from the almonds)
Cut the red onion into fine slices, possibly on a mandolin iron if you have one and dare to use it
Put the red onion slices in a bowl with a little vinegar and honey - top with pepper and use your fingers to spread it around
Fry the sausages in slices in a little oil
Cut tomatoes into quarters and rinse the salad
Mix it with a little good olive oil and season with flaked salt and pepper.

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